How to take a screenshot on Chromebook- Best Guide (2022)

Screenshots—or catches of whatever is showing on your screen—let you easily save or share information. And screenshot on Chromebook, grabbing them is pretty straightforward, as long as you know the right keyboard faster ways.

Knowing the correct keystrokes may be one of the most challenging sections for people used to MacOS or even Windows, as ChromeOS does not attempt to imitate that os for a simpler shift. Rather, you will need to learn this fresh set of keyboard commands.

How To Take Screenshot on Chromebook For Entire Screen

How To Take Screenshot on Chromebook For Entire Screen

To take a screenshot on Chromebook to capture everything you see on your screen, push Ctrl + the Show Home windows key on a Chromebook with a keyboard. The last key looks like three rectangles split in a staggering development.

For tablet computers, push the Power + Quantity Down switches.

How To take Screenshot on chromebook of a Section Of Your Screen

How To take Screenshot on chromebook for a Section Of Your Screen

In purchase to grab just section of your screen (like when you just want a solitary home window to show or maintain delicate information from being captured), push Shift + Ctrl + the Show Home windows key. (That last key looks like three rectangles piled offset.) After that click, on the screen with your computer mouse at the side of the location, you want to capture and drag it until the package includes everything you want to capture.

How to access the advanced screenshot features

Too hard to keep in mind all the various keyboard faster ways? Remember this only set of keystrokes after that: Shift + Ctrl + Show Home windows. It is the same combination when it comes to a partial screenshot, but in the latest versions of ChromeOS, you can either click the screen to start taking a partial screenshot or click the symbols in the food selection bar that shows up. Those switches let you choose between full-screen, partial-screen, and window-specific screenshots. You can also start a display tape-taping, which will take a video clip of your screen rather than a still picture.

On tablet computers, push and hold the power switch, after that choose Screen Catch.

How to find the place of your saved screenshot on Chromebook

How to find the place of your saved screenshot on Chromebook

ChromeOS conserves all screenshots to the Downloads folder. You can navigate there by clicking the Launcher symbol (a grey circle usually found in the all-time low left corner of the screen), after that clicking the Up arrowhead on the partial food selection that shows up. Open up Files, after that choose Downloads on the left-hand side of the screen.

How to Upload your screenshots to Google Drive

By default, your screenshot on chromebook saved to its Downloads folder—which is not immediately backed up to your Google account. You must manually submit them to access the files on various other devices.

To submit to Google Own, open up the Files application, after that the Downloads folder. Select the files you want to back up, after that drag them for your Google Own folder in the left-hand navigating bar. They’ll immediately copy over. Additionally, you can highlight the files, tap Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy the files, after that choose your Google Own folder and paste them into that place.

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