Microsoft Office 365 Review

Microsoft Office 365 Review- Best Review In 2022

Still the best when it comes to workplace productivity, collaboration, and communication.

Most people will be familiar with Microsoft’s front runner collection of efficiency software, Microsoft Office 365. It consists of home names such as Word, Stand out, and PowerPoint, in addition to lesser-known items such as Overview, OneNote, and OneDrive.

Office 365
Office 365, Credit (Microsoft)

For several years, it was the Standard in efficiency software, which is still the situation today. However, there is also a lot of changes within the Microsoft Office 365 world.

Microsoft has deepened its dedication to a subscription-based pricing model and eliminated many of its standalone items in the previous year. This is because Microsoft Office 365 is designed to work as a community rather than selecting separate applications. Appropriately combined, Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses with an extensive, all-in-one electronic work area, consisting of interactions, shadow storage space, back-up and syncing, and productivity applications.

This in-depth article explores all aspects of the suite’s front runner systems and discusses why it may be well worth buying Microsoft Office 365 for your Business.

We think it’s the very best workplace software available in 2022, but if you are not convinced, you might want to check our overview of the very best options for Microsoft Office 365.

Plans and Pricing

Microsoft Office 365 pricing is simple, and there are several options for companies. Four are fit to small- and medium-sized companies, two are driven towards large enterprises, and three are designed for first-line workforces. All plans are bought on a membership basis, with either monthly or yearly resettlements.

Small- and medium-sized companies can choose between 4 plans: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Apps. With each of these plans, every user gets 1TB of OneDrive storage space.

office 365 pricing
Office 365 Pricing, Credit (Microsoft)

Basic costs $5 user/month and include OneDrive and Teams with online versions of Word, Stand out, and PowerPoint. It isn’t truly a Microsoft Office 365 membership because it does not consist of a desktop computer or mobile applications, but it may suit some organizations’ needs.

Standard costs $12.50 per user/month and includes all Microsoft Office 365 desktop computer and mobile applications, including Overview, PowerPoint, Word, Stand out, OneDrive, OneNote, and Teams.

Premium costs $20 per user/month and offers all the applications in Standard plus advanced cyberthreat protection and administrator management. This is ideal for companies managing delicate client or financial information.

Applications cost $8.25 per user/month and fit companies desiring the Microsoft Office 365 applications discussed in this article without some of the advanced collective and cloud-based features.

For Business, there are two options: E3 and E5.

The E3 plan costs $32 per user/month. It consists of all Microsoft Office 365 applications, limitless OneDrive storage space, and a variety of cyber bookkeeping, information protection, and identity and access management functionalities not included in Microsoft’s business plans.

office 365 enterprise pricing
Enterprise Pricing, Credit (Microsoft)

The E5 plan is the company’s most expensive, available at $57 per user/month. For this significant price, you obtain access to everything Microsoft needs to offer. Everything included in the E3 plan plus much more advanced and comprehensive account management solutions, use analytics, and threat protection. It’s fit just too large companies with numerous workers.

office 365 e5 pricing
Pricing, Credit (Microsoft)

If you want a Microsoft Office 365 membership for your first-line labour force, there are also options for this.

The Microsoft 365 F3 plan costs just $10 user/month, while the Workplace 365 F3 plan and Legacy F1 plan cost $4 user/month.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is Microsoft’s note-taking application, and it was designed with both trainees and professionals in mind. Although it appearances great theoretically and boasts an outstanding range of features, it has struggled to accomplish the appeal of various other systems such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Nevertheless, OneNote has found a home amongst trainees and academics. We think it is just one of the very best note-taking systems and is under-leveraged in BusinessBusiness and organizational contexts.

MS onenote
MS Onenote, Credit (Microsoft)

Among OneNote’s greatest stamina is that it enables you to arrange your keeps in mind comprehensively. High-level moms and dad categories are known as notebooks. Within note pads, you will find sections and, after that, individual pages. We have used several note-taking applications and believe OneNote is best for maintaining your purchase ideas.

Another stamina is that you can access your files when you need them because complete integration with Microsoft OneDrive means your keeps in mind, sketches, and brainstorms are available across all your devices through the power of shadow sync technology. And with software available on iOS, macOS, iPadOS, Home windows, and Android, we’re certain that accessing your files will not be a problem. There’s also an internet application for keeping in mind while on the move.

Probably, you will need to share your keeps in mind with associates or customers, and fortunately, OneNote makes this simple. It’s feasible to welcome various other users to view and edit a notepad if they do not have their own Microsoft Office 365 membership. It is also feasible to export specific pages in PDF style, which is ideal for connecting to emails in Microsoft Overview.

OneNote’s interface is also impressive and features abundant. It enables users to write and highlight text, sketch free-hand, place pictures, charts, sticker labels, equations, and even add sound clips to their keeps in mind. Together with lots of we do not have space to mention, these features are why OneNote is just one of the most effective note-takers available in 2022.

Our OneNote review thoroughly examines why OneNote excels and how you can leverage this software within your company.

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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is perhaps the very best known of the Microsoft Office 365 systems and is, for many people, the definitive word processing app.

In 2022, Word is still among the very best applications for writing, regardless of the category. It comes with a comprehensive (and sometimes frustrating) set of features, a large range of templates, and the efficiency and reliability one should expect in a Microsoft item. In short, if you need to write or modify a text-based document, there’s little you will not have the ability to do on Microsoft Word.

office 365 MS word
MS Word, Credit (Microsoft)

The system comes with best-in-class partnership and review features. It is ideal for team-based use within companies, especially when used with OneDrive and the remainder of the Microsoft Office 365 collection. Several people can co-author documents, previous access variations of data, track changes, and provide real-time comments to collaborators. OneDrive makes it easy to send out connections to associates that assign the appropriate degree of consent within a Word document.

Another stamina of Word is its sharing and exporting features. Users can export documents in several file kinds, consisting of OpenDocument Text (.odt), Mobile Document Style (PDF), and Microsoft Word style (.docx). Each of these styles is commonly sustained and means you will very seldom if ever, have compatibility problems. This divides Word from a rival such as Apple Web pages that experiences endlessly from compatibility troubles.

Although we can’t list all of Word’s great features, some of our faves consist of integrated speech-to-text, automated translation, and the immersive reader setting. The enhancement of 3D video is one more feature that divides Microsoft Word from the rest of its rivals.

Although the system does feature some annotation and drawing abilities, Word works finest for text-based jobs. If you want to express your creative side, you will want to check out Microsoft OneNote.

Microsoft Word applications are available on most platforms, including Home windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Although it works finest on desktop computers and iPads, its mobile applications are useful for final production changes to documents while on the move or for jotting down important ideas.

To dive deep into the platform’s stamina and weaknesses, read our recently updated Microsoft Word review.

Microsoft OneDrive

Shadow storage space has exploded in appeal recently, and OneDrive is Microsoft’s entrant in this increasingly affordable market in Microsoft Office 365 Applications. It’s amongst the very best shadow storage space systems for both customers and businesses.

Not just is the system a protected place to store your essential data and documents, but its user interfaces are simple and easy to use. Thumbnails are displayed for a wide range of file formats, while smart AI browses performances make it easy to find what you are looking for.

MS onedrive
MS Onedrive, Credit (Microsoft)

However, what truly makes OneDrive stand apart is its complete integration with all various other Microsoft Office 365 applications. This deep integration makes Microsoft Office 365 a community of electronic efficiency, rather than just a bundle of individual applications.

Firstly, OneDrive is secure. All files are secured, both in transportation and at rest. This alone makes the system more secure than many rivals and means anybody taking or intercepting your information will receive only indecipherable text.

However, Microsoft goes also further. The Individual Vault is a sub-folder providing end-to-end file security for your most delicate files. So no one, not also Microsoft, can decipher or access this information.

Managers can also enhance their employees’ accounts by imposing two-factor verification and periodic password changes.

This advanced security architecture means businesses both large and small can trust OneDrive with their most essential documents and files.

Second of all, OneDrive is easy to access and use. Applications are available on most devices and work reliably. A receptive and well-designed internet application is also available, which we think is just one of the most outstanding shadow storage space internet applications we have evaluated.

Finally, the system works together with all various other Microsoft Office 365 applications. It’s the default conserve place and enables users to work together in real-time with associates. As changes are made on another device, they’ll at the same time show up on your device. This means OneDrive is greater than simply a shadow storage space system but also a cloud-syncing system.

While we’re on the subject of partnership, let’s also discuss common files and folders. OneDrive enables users to share both files and folders using custom links. These common files and folders will then show up in a dedicated folder found on both users’ OneDrive home screen. So if you are a company where team-based work is essential, Microsoft Office 365 will be ideal.

If you wish to know more about OneDrive, our review has all the answers.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel. The name alone fills many people with excitement and others with fear. However, we do not think anyone should be daunted by Stand out. It’s easier to use than you might think and more effective compared to what you ever could have imagined. In just a few hrs of educating, you will be positive enough to produce and leverage advanced spreadsheets on the system.

MS Excel
MS Excel, Credit (Microsoft)

With Microsoft Excel, you can deal with over 17 billion cells in a solitary spreadsheet. This contrasts to just 5 million with Google Sheet. Such raw computing power means that large companies with comprehensive data sources can also depend on Stand out to obtain the effort done.

Another stamina of Excel is its comprehensive list of functions, currently numbering over 450. These enable users to manipulate and visualize information in innovative ways to understand their information better. Skilled users can also design and implement their macro functions using VBA code.

As with all Microsoft Office 365 applications, compatibility is not a problem. Applications are available on nearly all os, and users can export their spreadsheets in 3 styles: Microsoft (.xlsx), OpenDocument Spreadsheets (.ods), and Portable Document Style (.pdf). It’s also feasible to open up Stand out documents on various other systems such as Google Own.

It is not all great information, however. Although Microsoft did include co-authoring recently, this location is still a distinct weakness of the system. To work together in real-time, all users need a Microsoft Office 365 membership and the latest version of Stand out. This precludes workers from working with many people external for your company. However, when co-authoring is feasible, it’s dependable, receptive, and incredibly useful.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint has helped everybody design compelling and appealing discussions for greater than twenty years, from primary school children to Ton of money 500 execs. We still think it’s the very best system for producing discussions, and we’ll inform you why.

MS powerpoint
MS Powerpoint, Credit (Microsoft)

PowerPoint provides several devices to influence inspiration. One of the most obvious is Microsoft’s comprehensive range of templates, which are free for Microsoft Office 365 customers. Workers can also use the discussion training device to provide advice and feedback on your speed and style of providing.

Another useful feature (also available in Microsoft Word) is placing and manipulating 3D pictures. 3D files can be turned upside down or diagonal to maximize their energy in a discussion. This divides PowerPoint from most of its rivals.

Like with various other Microsoft Office 365 applications, users can collaborate and provide comments in real-time. OneDrive integration also makes it ideal for designing and managing discussions in a company context.

However, there’s a restriction: partnership on PowerPoint is just a feasible online application, not the desktop computer or mobile software variations. This is a relatively considerable restriction and disappointing considering how well the system performs in various other categories.

If you are itchiness to know more about the system, our Microsoft PowerPoint review was recently updated and explained everything you need to know about the software.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a staple of the Microsoft collection and has assisted users in organizing their emails for years. Although it isn’t as popular as Google’s Gmail or Apple’s Mail, we think it is just one of the very best email customers, especially if you currently use other Microsoft Office 365 applications.

MS outlook
MS Outlook, Credit (Microsoft)

Spam and malware blockers are consisted of, although that’s standard with most email customers. Companies can also use group inboxes, enabling several workers to send out and receive emails from a solitary email address.

However, one feature we especially like is categorizing emails into folders: the full inbox and the various other inboxes. The full inbox gathers messages that the platform’s formulas think are especially important or immediate, making it easier for workers to react quickly to one of the most important emails.

And of course, Outlook is designed from front to back to incorporate perfectly with various other Microsoft Office 365 applications. So if you are after a simple, incorporated, and responsive email customer, Microsoft 365 is just one of our top recommendations.

Microsoft Teams

Groups are the most recent enhancement to the Microsoft family, but arguably one of the most important. In short, Teams combines sound and video conferencing (think Skype) with work environment interactions (think Slack). It’s the main location for synchronization and communication, essential to business efficiency as we progressively work remotely.

MS teams
MS Teams, Credit (Microsoft)

Like OneDrive, Teams is designed to be the adhesive that brings all the various other applications and features of the Microsoft 365 collection. It leverages shadow technology to assist workers to work collaboratively in real-time throughout several platforms.

Microsoft Teams’ video clip conferencing features are outstanding, enabling employees to arrange and conduct one-to-one discussions or company-wide conferences. It’s also feasible to arrange webinars and information sessions with up to 10,000 individuals. Within phone telephone calls, individuals enjoy screen sharing and call tape-taping, live captions, history obscure technology, and chat performances.

Interactions networks rest together with video clip conferencing and enable users to communicate in teams dedicated to various subjects, such as a team-based project, company-wide statements, or the workplace Xmas party. This maintains messages on-topic and enables workers to compartmentalize their interactions.

There is a lot to know about Microsoft Teams that we could not list everything here. However, our in-depth Groups review does the job for us.

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When it comes to customer support, Microsoft is just one of the very best in Enterprise Business. Despite customer plans, the company is constantly fast to react and diligent in fixing problems. When we contacted the company via its online chat home window, we received a response and solution to our question in just 4 minutes.

While some applications enable users to access support directly, we suggest going to the Microsoft support website. This comprehensive collection of how-to overviews, video clip tutorials, and community forums has the solution to nearly all possible problems. It’s the very best online support center we have seen for this software category, and there’s a considerable quantity of business-specific advice and support.

Companies can also contact Microsoft by telephone and online chat, with the more premium plans understandably offering a more timely and responsive solution. Microsoft’s well-informed specialists and cybersecurity experts are also on call as a section of the advanced cyber threat discovery solutions offered in premium plans.

Final Verdict

So there you have it, an extensive overview of Microsoft Office 365. We think this electronic community is the best workplace software money can buy, and we hope you concur.

Microsoft Office 365 combines feature-rich document creation and productivity applications such as Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel with the power of shadow technology in OneDrive. And we cannot forget Microsoft Groups, the all-in-one electronic interactions system that ensures your workers will be running as effectively as feasible.

We have also outlined the many different subscription options available to companies. There is a prepare for all companies, whether it be a small team of 5, a multi-location group of 50, or a massive enterprise with hundreds or even thousands of workers.

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