What Is 4K / UHD Resolution?

What Is 4K Resolution? A Basic Definition

4K resolution is a common display resolution, often known as 2160p and UHD. The resolution of a display describes how many pixels it has in width x height format. The more pixels on a screen, the sharper the image should be. The Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), an organization of motion picture studios that develops digital cinema standards, defines 4K resolution as 4096 x 2160 (opens in new tab), but this resolution is uncommon in consumer goods. PC monitors, laptops, and TVs labeled as 4K resolution typically have a resolution of 3840 x 2160. However, this resolution is officially referred to as Ultra HD (UHD). UHD/ 4K resolution monitors are frequently seen.

What Is 4K Resolution
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Most recent GPUs (opens in new tab) support UHD/ 4K resolution output, though playing games at this resolution will require a reasonably strong graphics card (opens in new tab). As a result, many gamers prefer to play games in 1080p (opens in new tab) resolution (1920 x 1080).

There are various high-end laptops with 4K screens on the market. There are also several 4K resolutions on the market now that are reasonably priced. However, if you want a 4K gaming monitor with a high refresh rate (120Hz or above), you’ll have to spend a premium.

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Common PC Display Resolutions

5K5120 x 2880
4K3840 x 2160 (typical monitor resolution); 4096 x 2160 (official cinema resolution)
Ultra HD (UHD)3840 x 2160
QHD aka WQHD aka 1440p2560 x 1440
2K2560 x 1440 (typical monitor resolution); 2048 x 1080 (official cinema resolution)
WUXGA1920 x 1200
Full HD aka FHD aka 1080p1920 x 1080
HD aka 720p1280 x 720

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